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When I went to present work, and felt confident to have done a good job, in most cases I would know that the client would recognise that it’s right. I felt much more comfortable working for clients who I liked and were receptive to my work. The more that I did for them the more interesting the work became, because I was less worried what the client would think about it and how much persuasion they would need. I would be able to become bolder.”

“I have very few examples of my artwork. They could be comprised of separate bits of photographs, paper or drawings that came together in print to make the original. The poster for the Commonwealth Arts Festival (1965) was just pieces of cut paper and I only have it because it was rejected. If not, it would have gone in front of the camera and been printed. I doubt whether I would have asked for the artwork back and it would have been lost.

Romek Marber

After leaving the Royal College of Art in 1956 Marber began to work on commissions for a wide variety of clients, many of which were leading firms and heritage companies, including Heal’s, the prestigious printing firm of Balding and Mansell, and Spicers Paper Merchants. Collected here is a selection of some of the printed work and roughs, showing the diversity and range, with as much information as is known. If you can add to the work or provide more details about each item please let us know.

Christmas Greetings 1957

Heal’s cover 1957

Heal’s invitation 1958

Commonwealth Arts Festival poster (submission) 1965


Olivetti (submission) c.1965

Orient Line 1958

Record covers c.1956

Balding and Mansell booklet 1956

Balding and Mansell advert 1956

Balding and Mansell invitation 1957

Balding and Mansell stationery 1958

Desk calendar page ‘Tobacco’ (client unknown) 1959

Private Christmas card 1959

Charles Mansell (Balding and Mansell) Christmas card 1960

Romek Marber business card ideas (date unknown)

Romek Marber’s first stationery for an entrepreneurial venture, compliment slip shown c.1950

The arrow-like corner graphic prefigures the  distinctive map arrow later used for Nicholson’s Streetfinder covers

Spicers Paper Merchant brochure c.1965

Cosolidated Credits and Discounts (Bank). Consultant designer, corporate identity and promotional material 1963-73

Zenith Books was an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton created in the mid 1960s. Marber designed the logo and created a series of covers.

Engineering magazine cover 1964

Herbert Spencer requested a drawing from Marber and others in 1981 for Professor Guyatt’s retirement as Rector of the Royal College of Art.

General Post Office stamps, Opening of the Post Office Tower (submission) 1965