Project Description

Barnards Ltd

Throughout his career, Romek Marber continued to design for a wide range of graphic materials and clients. Mostly, these were associated with the products of a modern industrial society at the end of the twentieth century. Often the raw materials for such work comprised ordinary objects or everyday ephemera such as wire fencing, industrial lighting or street maps. In the 1960s Marber worked as designer for Barnards Ltd, of Norwich, manufacturer of wire and fencing products including Norvic. Like Barnards, which had been established in 1826, a number of Marber’s clients were leading heritage companies who were looking to update their corporate identity and promotional material with a contemporary profile. Marber brought the same clarity of thought and graphic immediacy to all his projects, including those that were of a more technical nature. At the prestigious Typomondus 20/2 Frankfurt International Congress in 1972, Marber was awarded three Certificates of Merit, including a Certificate of Merit in recognition of his designs for Barnards, “For an outstanding contribution to the development of the graphic art of the 20th century”.