Project Description

Harrison & Sons Ltd Printers

In late 1963 Marber was engaged by Harrison & Sons Ltd Printers as Consultant art director until 1971, and this part-time position was initially for one or two days per week. The role involved guidance and training to existing staff, recommendations for strengthening the team, conceiving ideas and overseeing projects with Harrison’s studio staff. He worked on a wide variety of projects including brochures, promotional material, corporate identity, stationery, postage stamps and publishing.

Harrison and Sons was a major worldwide engraver and printer, including of postage stamps and banknotes, based in High Wycombe. The company was originally founded in London in 1750 and its high quality printing pedigree was internationally respected. Harrison’s was one of a number of established companies for whom Marber acted as a consultant designer with a remit to ensure their corporate identity material had a modern profile and contemporary relevance. Marber was particularly pleased with the brochure he designed for the heritage printing company, keen to convey the skilled craftsmanship and precision involved.

Poster Advertisements 1966
Calendar 1968

Brochure c.1968. Due to the introduction of lithography, letterpress declined in use throughout the sixties because of the former’s cheaper cost and greater flexibility. The speed of this decline meant that the brochure that Romek designed became obsolete before it could be put into production. He had put a lot of work into the brochure and it was cancelled at the late proof stage.

Romek was working during a period of rapidly changing technology from the past of letterpress and paste-up to the future that included computers, lithography and phototypesetting. Romek was always excited and interested in this change and he continued thoughout his life to keep up to date with the new processes.

Invitation on paper napkin 1965
Staff handbook 1964