Project Description

New Society

From the late Fifties into the sixties graphic designers seemed to know each other and there was a kind of respect and lack of competitiveness that has gradually disappeared. Some designers were better known than others but the rise of the ‘celebrity’ designer – better known for their celebrity than for their standing with other designers – took away a lot of their friendly sociability and enjoyment of shared values.

Romek was one of the few graphic designers who were also illustrators and photographers. His very close friend Dennis Bailey was another, and both were a natural choice to provide covers and drawings for New Society. There was rarely more than three days between the commissioning of the cover to delivery of the finished work. It was an advantage that Romek lived in Central London and would be sent proofs of the relevant article, by post or by motor-cycle messenger on Thursday. Telephone discussion with the art editor would follow and the deadline for receipt of the artwork was the following Monday. There was little time for second thoughts, as the schedule dictated that not later than 5.30pm on the same day the artwork was sent by messenger to the printer’s. Read more

Richard Hollis
Designer and friend