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These books and magazines have either chapters or articles written about, or by, Romek Marber. All text and images are the copyright of the respective publishers and authors. If you know of any other examples that we have missed, please contact us and let us know.


Mid-Century Type
Typography, Graphics, Designers
David Jury’s fascinating visual exploration of how, in the middle decades of the last century, the typographer became an independent, influential contributor to a fast-developing technological world of communications. Published by Merrell Publishers, 2023

The Penguin Collector 94
Obituary of Romek Marber by James Mackay. Cover designed by Tom Etherington in homage to Romek’s 1961 Language in the Modern World Pelican design. Published by Penguin Collectors Society, June 2020

Designs on Britain
Great British design by Great Jewish designers. Authors: Naomi Games, Julia Weiner, Sue Breakwell, Lesley Whitworth, Christopher Marsden, Alexia Kirk, Cheryl Buckley, Robin Kinross, Yasuko Suga, Harriet Atkinson and Anna Nyburg. Editor: Rebecca Birrell. Published by Jewish Museum, London 2017

Romek Marber: Graphics
Accompanied the 2014 retrospective Brighton University Exhibition. Foreword by Professor Anne Boddington. Essay by Bruce Brown. Designed by John and Orna Designs, London. Published by the Faculty of Arts, University of Brighton 2014

GraphicsRCA: Fifty Years and Beyond
GraphicRCA: Fifty Years traces the development of graphic design at the college through a timeline of work produced by students from 1963 to 2014. Edited by Teal Triggs, Adrian Shaughnessy and Anna Gerber. Published by Royal College of Art 2014

About Graphic Design
A selection of writings by graphic designer, graphic design theorist and historian Richard Hollis. Includes a chapter on Penguin covers and Romek Marber. Author Richard Hollis. Published by Occasional Papers 2012

The Story of Graphic Design
From the Invention of Writing to the Birth of Digital Design by Patrick Cramsie, designer and writer. Cramsie was a graphic design student from 1986 – 1990 at Middlesex University where Romek was head of his course. Published by The British Library 2010

Penguin by Illustrators
A record of the Penguin Collectors Society second Study Day at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Saturday 24 March 2007. Edited by Steve Hare. Published by Penguin Collectors Society 2009

Penguin by Designers
A record of the Penguin Collectors Society Study Day at the Victoria and Albert Museum on Saturday 18 June 2005. Edited by Steve Hare and Phil Baines. Published by Penguin Collectors Society 2007

Seven Hundred Penguins
A collection of covers spanning the history of Penguin Books including many by Marber. Published by Penguin Group 2007

The Penguin Companion
An A-Z compendium of all things related to Penguin and their books, compiled by Martin Yates. Published by Penguin Collectors Society 2006

Penguin by Design
A Cover Story 1935-2005. The extraordinary story of Penguin covers and their rich and diverse design heritage by Phil Baines. Published by Allen Lane 2005

Independent British Graphic Design Since the Sixties. Edited and conceived by Rick Poynor. Published by Laurence King Publishing 2004

Types Best Remembered / Best Forgotten
Robert Norton collects international designers thoughts on their favourite, and least favourite typefaces. Published by Parsimony Press 1993

Fifty Penguin Years
Catalogue to accompany the exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall 21 September – 27 October 1985. Published by Penguin Ltd 1985

Making the City Observable by Richard Saul Wurman. Includes several designs for Nicholson’s by Marber. Published by Walker Arts Center and MIT Press 1971

Penrose Annual 1973
The Penrose Annual was a London-based review of graphic arts, printed nearly annually from 1895 to 1982. The 1973 edition featured an essay by Romek Marber. Edited by Herbert Spencer. Published by Lund Humphries Publishers 1973

In Honour of Tom Eckersley
Folio of drawings by artists and designers to commemorate Eckersley and accompanied an exhibition at the London College of Printing. Includes letterpress portrait by Romek Marber. Published by Castille Press 1975

Journal of the American Institute of Graphic Arts
Six journals per year were published celebrating all forms of communication design, including graphic design, typography, interaction design, branding and identity. This edition has a selection of logos by Romek Marber. Published by AIGA 1966

A Handbook of International Designs by Peter Wildbur. Includes several logo designs by Marber. Published by Studio Vista 1966

Design and Art Direction
The second annual exhibition of the Designers and Art Directors Association (D&AD). Includes several designs by Marber. Published by Studio Vista 1964

Fifteen years’ work of the School of Graphic Design, Royal College of Art. Includes several designs by Marber. Published by Royal College of Art 1963

17 Graphic Designers London
Printed by Balding+Mansell and organised by their art director, John Commander, who would become D&AD’s first President. Many of the included designers, including Marber, would be involved in the creation of D&AD, read more. Published by Balding and Mansell 1963


Tygodnik Powszechny
Polish magazine with an article about Romek’s graphic design career. January 2019

Art & Business
Polish magazine with an article about Romek Marber at 90. March 2016

Eye Magazine 91
The Case of Romek Marber by John L. Walters. Spring 2016. Read more

Eye Magazine
Survivor by Rick Poynor. Review of No Return. 31 August 2010. Read more

Eye Magazine 53
Penguin Crime by Rick Poynor. Autumn 2004. Read more

Idea Special Issue
British Visual Communication Design 1900-1985. Includes several designs by Marber. Published by Seibundo-Shinkosha 1985

Idea Special Issue
European Trademarks and Logotypes. Includes several designs by Marber. Published by Seibundo-Shinkosha 1979

Novum Gebrauchsgraphik
Information Graphics: Nicholson’s Guides, designed by Romek Marber. 1 January 1973

Article ‘Vision and Reality’ about Romek Marber’s work. March 1968

Design Triennale
Article on British Poster Design Awards 1963/64. Edition 189 September 1964

An Ilford Journal on Photography and the Graphic Arts. Vol. 2 No. 1 April 1964

International Journal of Graphic Art and Applied Art. Design and Art Direction 64 by Brian Grimbly. Vol. 20 No. 114 1964

International Journal of Graphic Art and Applied Art. Paperback Design Today by Gernamno Facetti. Vol. 20 No. 113 1964

International Journal of Graphic Art and Applied Art. Identity Value in Paperbacks by Ivo Frenzel. Vol. 19 No. 105 1963

Typographica 7
 Journal of typography and visual arts. Typography in Britain, published to coincide with the exhibition at Lund Humphries read more. May 1963

Typographica 6
 Journal of typography and visual arts. Penguin Covers: A Correction. December 1962

Typographica 5
 Journal of typography and visual arts. Penguins on the March by Herbert Spencer. June 1962

Saint Martin’s School of Art
Unknown publication and date 

Newspapers and Supplements

Gazeta Wyborcza: Ale Historia
Article about Romek Marber in Polish Newspaper ‘Electoral Gazette’. 25 February 2019

Nowy Czas
Joanna Ciechanowska article about Romek’s return to Poland for his retrospective exhibition at the Galicia Jewish Museum. February 2016

Article about the Marber exhibition at Galicia Jewish Museum, Krakow, November 2015

Nowy Czas
Article about Romek’s retrospective exhibition at the Minories Galleries at Colchester by Joanna Ciechanowska. September 2013

The Guardian
Cover Stories 31 October 2012

Financial Times Magazine
How to Judge a Book by its Cover by Phil Baines. 29 September 2007

The Independent
Article about 70 Years of Penguin covers. 17 May 2005

North Circular
Newspaper of Middlesex Polytechnic, Romek Marber becoming a professor. 5 February 1987


The Guardian
Obituary written by Bruce Brown, Emeritus Professor and friend
20 April 2020. Read more

The Economist Magazine
Obituary written by A.D. Miller, Culture editor
2 May 2020. Read more

Haaretz Newspaper
Obituary written by Ofer Aderet
13 June 2020. Read more

The Jewish Chronicle Newspaper
Obituary written by Gloria Tessler
5 June 2020. Read more