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Romek Marber (1925-2020) was one of the most influential figures in late twentieth century British graphic design and graphic design education, and this website is designed to reflect, share and promote the breadth of his contribution. Romek himself was involved in the idea of this website, it was a project which he wanted to see fulfilled and was instrumental in initiating.

The website has been curated by Orna Former-Dawson, Romek’s long-term partner, a celebrated graphic designer in her own right. Orna Frommer-Dawson wishes to thank all the contributors who generously wrote text for the site to provide context, historical accuracy and warm memories: my particular thanks go to Bruce Brown for his long friendship and support, appreciative thanks also go to: Phil Baines, Anne Boddington, Libertad Cabielles, Kaavous Clayton, Cathy Courtney, Patrick Cramsie, Len Deighton, Jonathan Ford, Wayne Ford, Naomi Games, David Gentleman, Peter Green, the late Steve Hare, Richard Hollis, David Jury, John Vernon Lord, James Mackay, Christopher Marsden, A. D. Miller, Chris Mohr, V. Hugh Perry, David Pocknell, Rick Poynor, Tomasz Strug, Tom Wilson, and Sandra Witte. I also wish to thank photographer Marc French for his wonderful black and white portrait of Romek, and Geoff Windram, my partner in John and Orna Designs, for his ongoing support.

We have made every effort to ensure the website is accurate and we want it to be as good as it possibly can be to reflect Romek Marber’s creative legacy. If you spot an error or missed credit (or anything you think could add to or improve this website), please let us know and we will consider any updates or corrections.

The Estate of Romek Marber is administered by his family. Following Romek’s wishes, this website is maintained by Orna Frommer-Dawson. It was also his wish to provide continued access to his inspirational autobiography, No Return, his personal experience of the Holocaust – which he survived against all the odds. Now out of print, he wanted it to remain accessible to the wider public. Publisher, designer and friend, Richard Hollis, has kindly agreed to allow the book in its entirety – including his original design which was much admired by Romek – to be available here. Romek felt that this project was his most important achievement.

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