Project Description

Galicia Museum Exhibition, Krakow, Poland

In November 2015 the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow opened the first Polish exhibition of Romek Marber’s works. The show was a retrospective and included all of his most important graphics.

I first heard of Romek Marber only a year earlier. Ewa Satalecka, a Polish graphic designer and design professor showed me a catalogue of his recent Brighton exhibition. I recognized some of the Penguin covers, only I didn’t know they were created by Marber and I had no idea who he was. It was beyond belief that he was known to only a handful of Poles, and most of them were professionals from the field of graphic design. And there was Marber’s biography: Polish Jew, a survivor of KL Plaszow and Auschwitz, who after being liberated in Germany settled in England, and never returned here.

In the Museum we instantly knew we should make an exhibition and introduce Marber’s works to a wide Polish public. And we did so – in cooperation with the Faculty of Arts of the Brighton University, and with help from Bruce Brown and Orna Frommer-Dawson.

And something amazing had happened. Romek Marber came to the exhibition opening. It was his first visit to Poland since 1945. His modesty, kindness (and beautiful old-style Polish) touched the hearts of everyone at the Museum.

Tomasz Strug
Deputy Director / Chief Curator
Galicia Jewish Museum

Krakow, night and day 2015. Photographs © Orna Frommer-Dawson

Romek and a close group of family and friends would spend each evening sitting in Krakow bars and restaurants drinking vodka and reminiscing. He is pictured here with Bruce Brown who helped to arrange the Brighton University exhibition and its transfer to Krakow.