Project Description

Life International Conference Slide Projections

Romek’s only collaboration with a fellow designer was his early joint project with the graphic designer, Dennis Bailey, creating slides for projection at a presentation entitled ‘Your Corporate Reputation’ at a LIFE INTERNATIONAL conference for advertisers in March 1960. Romek and Dennis met in 1956 and became lifelong friends. It now seems remarkable that two such fiercely independent designers could both collaborate together to produce such a creative result. Richard Hollis remembers: “Romek was one of the few graphic designers who were also illustrators and photographers. His very close friend Dennis Bailey was another.” It suited their individual but complementary strengths of strong graphic images created using a combination of photographs and drawing.

LIFE was a hugely influential, weekly pictorial magazine published in New York. A pioneer in photojournalism, LIFE was one of the most popular and widely imitated American magazines, famous for its photoessays and iconic images, and would have been a prestigious early client.